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Music for the web
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Angry Coffee
Ritchie's Nik-naks

I prefer to describe myself as a strong conceptual thinker. I enjoy learning, and constantly challenging my mind with new things shapes myself as a quick learner. Being a quick learner means that I always have to be ready to find even newer subjects to be interested in. This, subsequently, makes myself more flexible, my mind more open, and my knowledge more comprehensive.

My extensive interests, however, do not go further away from design. I view design as essentially a creative problem-solving process, which results are then presented and communicated. Communication of the result could be graphic, but it can also be spatial, or even audial. It can even be musical, or be a tactful combination of everything, depending on the limitations of the target media.

The web, as a target media, has its own special limitations. Nonetheless, since my first encounter with this media in 1996, its definitions have always been expanding. Working with the web could mean redefining new sets of skills for each of its adventurous development. For some, this can be agonizing at times. Yet with my fascination towards progress, I believe the web would be an exciting workplace for me.