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+ 26.12.2001

So. I think communication is a very bad thing. People shouldn't communicate, because there would certainly be miscommunication then. But after all, that's only a spontaneous thought, and that would certainly not be true.

See, it's just because I tried to do another IQ test yesterday, and scored 159. As far as I remember, that's around what I scored the last time I took an IQ test which was more than a year ago. The thing is, the blah-blah said that with an IQ of 159 you would be considered a genius or gifted. But the thing is, to continue the last sentence, I think I'm very stupid.

I mean, I just like to solve problems in my head, you know, imagining things et cetera, and I like seeing patterns in everyday life. So I practically just practice stuff that they ask in an IQ test, almost every second, without even realizing it. Jetzst kommt the most important part of the whole thing: does realizing patterns and being able to solve problems in your head makes you a talented genius?

It certainly has helped me learn very quickly. I admit that. But that doesn't mean anything. I'm really dumb in socializing stuff. I read people's body language or whatever's subtle wrongly. I interpret what people feel stupidly and make stupid reactions to their messages. I often find myself say oops, what is this now, and just retract myself from my whole surrounding, pretending that I was not there at all, while in fact I was there and was expected to say something. And that's very idiotic.

I just wonder whether how low I would score when I do an IQ test surrounded by loud crowd and people who use signals to communicate. I know EQ is an old term already, but have you ever experienced it first-hand like I have?


[2 days ago.]

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