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~ Happiness Has Its Own Colors

My brother came to visit me. I brought him to Cambridge. When we were going to go back home and waited inside the bus, a balloon animals seller went inside the bus with all his equipments. He looked so sweet with all those colorful balloon animals over his neck and hands, and the gas tube over his shoulder.

People could not avoid looking at him and smiling at him, to which he smiled back. He had a big moustache and was a star in the bus. When the bus ran, I kept looking at him with a smile that just could not go away. I tried to think how happy his life must have been with all those colorful balloons. I wondered if he had any children. I wondered where he lived.

At one of the stops, he got off, smiling to everybody as though saying goodbye. When he stepped out of the bus, one of his balloons popped. All the other passengers in the bus cooed. He walked away, still smiling, waving his hands. My brother and I could never forget this scene. We still talk about it until now.

And I realized that it was not the colorful balloons that made me smile. It was how happy he walked his life.