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~ Late Night Cartoon

After exploring the web in our lab, I went back to my apartment only one block away from there. I passed the Dunkin' Donuts. It was 3 in the morning and the cops already started to run for their donuts.

A thin black guy came out from that donut place, all dressed in yellow. Tight yellow pants, shiny blue shoes. Shiny yellow suit, shiny yellow hat, as yelling yellow as Dick Tracy's. I started to think that I was dreaming.

It turned out that he was real, and he even wore a pair of black sunglasses. Right at 3 in the morning. He put his lips forward, reminded me of a Manhattan Transfer show where one of them impersonate a kewl black guy. He pulled his shoulders up. And when he walked he really bounced his knees with each steps like cartoon characters.
OK, not that extreme, but kinda.

He started to ask me my name. I told him but he thought I was lying, and I said that it's really my name. He felt bad for disbelieving me. I thought I could always run if he turned out to be a bad guy.

But on the intersection right before my apartment building, he said he had to turn left. And he said thank you for being nice to him and accompanying him. I said thank god.

It's strange that it wasn't a dream at all. I quickly went to bed.