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/~klei thought s/he was 26.

S/he wasn't. A dusty old long-gone diskette, found screeching in the floppy mouth of his/her aged MacPlus told his/her exactly that : it said "first disk of klei" -- all lowercase. Date of creation: Sun, 20 Feb, 1994, 11:22.

S/he stared on it long and good. Then, putting it in his/her new word processor, s/he started to see what it was about. It was just about that: the birth of klei. It's the very first diskette where s/he was born in.

That meant s/he was just 5.


S/he felt a grand slap of dissappointment on both side of his/her brain. S/he thought s/he was real. But then s/he found out s/he was less than a 4 parts invention. Along with the ticking of the clock on his/her wall, s/he wrote to me about all these, attached the diskette to his/her e-mail, and dissappeared.

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first disk of klei is a collection of very old writings, all signed "klei," with a last name I won't ever reveal.

all others © ~klei. icons © Apple Computer