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Hi Thorsten, hi Wolf,

Welcome to your site.

Here you can see the progress of your CD cover's design. I'm looking forward to your comments and suggestions.

Please let me know what you think.


1. Project Description:

Cover, Thorsten Wollmann's CD.

2. About CD:

Title of album:
Africa Suite

Credits (Musicians):
Thorsten Wollmann, Wolf Kerschek, unknown.


3. Concepts and Ideas:

Simple, elegant design.
Reference: "Cycles" CD.

Colors (booklet cover and CD's back cover):
White (or almost white) text over Black background.
Red lines as frames.
Booklet's pages: white.

Images used in draft:
Jamaica Pond's Beach; Sunset from an airplane's window.
Reference: An African beach with fishermen.

CD Box type preference:
Jewel box (transparent case).

4. Drafts:

1: November 9, 1998. Layout ideas for:

- Booklet's front and back cover (spread. The 2 small vertical lines you see in the middle of the picture would be the staples). See.

- CD case's back cover + Title on the side. See.

- Booklet's pages. See.